PolyMet Mining is focused on developing the NorthMet project, a proposed copper-nickel mine that will generate hundreds of jobs and provide important metals we use every day. Construction and operation of the project will be the culmination of ten years of acquiring assets, developing and approving plans and permitting to protect the surrounding environment, building community awareness and support, and detailed construction engineering and operational planning.

PolyMet leases NorthMet mineral rights from US Steel.
Research begins, investigating the use of alternative processing technology to process ore within the Duluth Complex.
PolyMet gains full rights to the NorthMet deposit located within the Duluth Complex and begins a pre-feasibility study to advance the NorthMet project.
PolyMet begins environmental review process.
PolyMet acquires the Erie Plant, located six miles west of the NorthMet deposit.
PolyMet’s shares are listed on the American (now NYSE MKT) stock exchange. Bateman Engineering publishes NorthMet Definitive Feasibility Study. PolyMet acquires infrastructure, property and associated rights, linking the NorthMet deposit and the Erie Plant.
PolyMet’s shares are listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange.
PolyMet enters a strategic marketing and financial agreement with Glencore International, one of the world’s leading integrated producers and marketers of commodities.
Draft Environmental Impact Statement goes on public notice.
Jon Cherry, an environmental engineer with a strong track record of mine permitting in the United States, is appointed president and chief executive officer.
The NorthMet supplemental draft Environmental Impact Statement (SDEIS) is completed and posted to the Minnesota Department of Natural
Resources website. The public comment period runs from December 14, 2013 to March 13, 2014, including three public meetings.
The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) releases its rating of the PolyMet project SDEIS on March 13. The EPA gives the project an EC2 rating, providing feedback and guidance to the co-lead agencies to make improvements to the SDEIS.