Why invest in PolyMet Mining Corp. (PolyMet)?

  • Ownership of the existing Erie Processing Plant and low initial capital costs allows for swift construction and capital savings. The 2008 Definitive Feasibility Study demonstrates that the project will be sustainable at lower metal prices than today and these conservative assumptions will allow the proposed project to operate profitably even during downturns in the global metal markets.

What is the current status of the permitting process?

  • For information on the permitting process, please visit our Current Status page.

What is PolyMet’s global resource?

  • PolyMet has a global resource of 15.4 billion pounds copper equivalent based on the 2008 DFS update and using 0.1% copper cutoff.

What will be PolyMet’s annual production rate?

  • PolyMet’s mine plan is to produce 72 million pounds of copper, 15 million pounds of nickel, 106,000 ounces of combined precious metals per year.

How do I invest in PolyMet?

  • PolyMet’s common stock trades on the NYSE-MKT under the symbol PLM and on the Toronto Stock Exchange under the ticker POM. Interested investors may purchase shares through a stockbroker or a financial institution that provides brokerage services.

Does PolyMet pay a dividend?

  • PolyMet does not pay a cash dividend on common stock, nor does it have a direct purchase program.

When will PolyMet issue its next quarterly earnings?

  • We plan to file all statements on or before the due dates. Annual statements are due 90 days after the year ending January 31 and quarterly statements are due 45 days after the three months ending April 30, July 31, and October 31. For information on PolyMet’s earnings, please visit our Financial Reports page.

How do I obtain additional information on PolyMet?

Where is PolyMet located?

  • The operational headquarters is P.O. Box 475, 6500 County Road 666, Hoyt Lakes, Minnesota 55750.
  • The executive office of the Companys wholly-owned subsidiary is 444 Cedar Street, Suite 2060, St. Paul, Minnesota, 55101.
  • The corporate address and records office is 100 King Street West, Suite 5700, Toronto, Ontario, Canada M5X 1C7, and 700 West Georgia, 25th Floor, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, V7Y 1B3, respectively.

Who do I contact if I have an investor question not answered here?

  • Jenny Knudson, Investor Relations, 651.389.4110 | jknudson@polymetmining.com
  • Douglas Newby, CFO, 651.389.4105 | dnewby@polymetmining.com

For additional information on our NorthMet project, please visit our NorthMet FAQ page.