Photos_Web6 The downloadable fact sheets below provide insight into some of the common discussions surrounding the PolyMet project. You can also view more fact sheets at theMinnesota DNR website.

How will the project protect water quality?
See how the project will care for area waterways, such as meeting strict sulfate, mercury and other standards in the Water Quality Fact Sheet.

How will the project affect human health? Read how the project will avoid pollution and other potential health effects to protect workers and area residents in the Potential Human Health Effects Fact Sheet.

Does the project have financial stability?
See how the project has bankruptcy-proof financial resources to fully care for reclamation and cleanup obligations in the Financial Assurance Fact Sheet.

What are tailings and how will PolyMet handle them?
The project will reuse an existing tailings basin. Find out what this means for the areas water and other natural resources in theTailings Basin Stability Fact Sheet.