PolyMet Mining is dedicated to providing metals that are fundamental to our way of life in an environmentally responsible way. To demonstrate our commitment to the environment, PolyMet will:

  • Use modern technology and operating practices, including a water collection and treatment facility, reverse osmosis technology and hydrometallurgical processing, to protect our air and water quality.
  • Reuse and revitalize the Erie plant and tailings basin.
  • Be open and transparent regarding environmental review and permitting, performance and reporting.
  • Consider energy efficiency and potential environmental impacts in selecting processes, equipment, products and materials.
  • Incorporate mine closure plans that are financially guaranteed before operations begin and update them annually.
  • Ensure all employees understand how their activities affect the environment.
  • Use sulfur from the ore to generate energy for the hydrometallurgical process.

Download the DNR’s fact sheets on how the PolyMet project will affect water quality [PDF] and air quality [PDF].


By meeting Minnesota’s strict environmental standards, we have the opportunity to mine metals we use every day without harming our air and water quality. In fact, it’s been done before at theĀ Flambeau Mine. In its four-year life, the mine, located in Rusk County, Wis., successfully produced essential metals while creating local jobs, benefiting the economy, and most importantly, protecting the surrounding environment. Flambeau Mining Company now operates under the tagline Promises Kept.